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Datto EDR uses Active EDR to detect, mitigate, and remediate any threats as part of our cybersecurity offering. Datto EDR provides a 24×7 SOC to respond to and remediate threats in real-time. Datto EDR uses ActiveEDR to solve the problems of EDR as you know it by tracking and contextualizing everything on a device. ActiveEDR can identify malicious acts in real-time, automating the required responses and allowing easy threat hunting by searching on a single IOC. Anti Virus, EPP, and EDR as you know them do not solve the cybersecurity problem for the enterprise. To compensate, some rely on additional services to close the gap. However relying on the cloud increases dwell time. Depending on connectivity is too late in the game, as it takes only seconds for malicious activity to infect an endpoint, do harm, and remove traces of itself. This dependency is what makes the EDR tools of today passive as they rely on operators and services to respond after it’s already too late. The technology of TrueContext transforms the EDR to be Active, as it responds in real-time, turning dwell time into no time.

ActiveEDR empowers security teams and IT admins to focus on the alerts that matter, reducing the time and cost of bringing context to the complicated and overwhelming amount of data needed with other, passive EDR solutions.

The introduction of ActiveEDR is similar to other technologies that helped humans to be more efficient and save time and money.  Like the car replaced the horse and the autonomous vehicle will replace vehicles as we know them today, ActiveEDR is transforming the way enterprises understand endpoint security.

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