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On-call & Remote ServiceThe technology overlap between backup, redundancy and archiving can often lead to confusion, but each has a different role to play in streamlining and safeguarding data. Backups essentially create a second copy of data at specific points in time, ideally keeping multiple historic copies. Redundancy establishes a straight copy of an entire system, ready to take over if the original system fails. Backup offers a certain level of redundancy, and redundancy a basic level of backup, but neither are stand-alone solutions. Archiving makes a primary copy of selected data with the aim of retaining data in the long-term. Not all of the data contained in a backup will ultimately end up in an archive so archiving is rarely an adequate backup solution in itself but as a complementary approach, it can considerably optimize the data storage process. Most backup strategies rely on a combination of backup, redundancy and archiving. An important factor to bear in mind when planning a backup schedule is prioritization of data. Not all data is created equal and a tiered backup strategy that restores the most critical applications first will get you back in business faster and cut data storage costs. Backup Types Full
  • A full backup copies every file in a system. Restore times are fast but backups are time-consuming and space-intensive so scheduling and data prioritization are important considerations.
Differential / Incremental
  • Differential and incremental backups fill in the gaps between full backups, storing any changes to data. They require a fraction of the server CPU cycles, bandwidth and storage space. The risk of data loss is obviously greater than full backups and restore times are slower but Infrascale can use special snapshot technology such as Block Level de-duping to rebuild images more rapidly.
  • A synthetic backup consolidates a full backup and subsequent incremental backups into a single file. Recovery is fast, using less server cycles and bandwidth.
Continuous Data Protection
  • In contrast to scheduled backup, continuous data protection (CDP) continuously tracks data modifications. CDP saves all changes and data can be recovered rapidly from any point in the past. Bandwidth burden is considerable but using compression techniques and block-level incremental backup, CDP devices can significantly reduce this load.
  • Mirroring is a redundancy solution that literally mirrors your systems by making a straight copy of data to two or more drives simultaneously. Thereafter only new and modified files are copied. Unlike a full backup, data is not usually compressed so recovery is faster.

On-call & Remote ServiceRemote Service calls are billable and charged at the current rate of $125.00/hr corporate with a 1 hour minimum

On-call & Remote ServiceMany companies are drafting policies to block or limit access to social networking sites just as other businesses and professionals are finding creative ways to use these new sites to promote legitimate business activity. A website such as Facebook, that seems benign on the surface, has the potential to tempt your best employees to abuse network access in ways that can be unproductive or even harmful to your organization. The technical expertise offered by Pesanka Consulting, LLC will play a role as you develop network use policies that are most appropriate for your organization. We can also monitor internet network activity.
On-call & Remote ServiceIf we synchronize your Windows Mobile Device with your computer, any changes made to your email or calendar will be made on your Windows Mobile Device as well.
On-call & Remote ServiceNinety percent of all internet traffic is spam. Processing this much worthless data not only wastes your valuable network resources, but it also saps the productivity of your staff. Pesanka Consulting LLC can reduce spam by using ProofPoint in combination with a SonicWall router to maximize the effectiveness of blocking not only spam but virus and malware before they get into your network. ProofPoint provides unique protection against spam and other e-mail threats; they also offer an Archiving and Encryption service for your Email server. The SonicWall router With GCSS (Global Content Security Services) protects you from other malware and unwanted network traffic like phishing attacks, by gathering information from an expansive network and sources called the SonicWall Global Response Intelligent Defense (GRID) Network.” Implementing ProofPoint and SonicWall devices has helped many of my clients return their focus to what is important to their business day.
On-call & Remote ServiceA virus can strike your network when you least expect it. The data that it destroys or corrupts can wreak havoc on your organization and can have a major financial impact on your bottom line. Your best defense is to keep your antivirus software, Operating System and Java software updated regularly. Microsoft releases updates and patches on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. Antivirus and other software should be checked weekly for updates. The likelihood of a virus strike can be diminished if the individuals in your organization are trained not to download files from unsecured websites, or open unknown attachments to emails. Finally, it is important to regularly evaluate the integrity of your firewall and the policies.
On-call & Remote ServiceAn MSP offers peace of mind. Our service operates seamlessly in the background to monitor, manage and maintain your network, hardware, software, and security. This allows you focus on your business. We keep the network up and running, keep down-times to a minimum and make sure your security is up to date. We will also backup your data and we can advise you on best practices to proactively manage your company’s internet usage. Proactive management is the key to your success.

On-call & Remote ServiceYes! 

We  recycle all old computers and batteries at our local recycling center. We make every effort to recycle everything that can be recycled to reduce waste in our local landfills.

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