Microsoft Patch Tuesday March Issues

Microsoft Patch Tuesday March Issues.


DC – Windows server 2003 SP2
Exchange Server – Windows server 2008 STD X64 SP2
IIS Server – Windows Server 2008 R2 SP2
Clients – Windows 7 Pro X64 outlook 2010.


Clients cannot connect mapped drives with batch files. Error username and password incorrect appears when script is run. This happens even if the password is correct and has not changed. Outlook clients will constantly prompt user for password and won’t accept it. Outlook auto configuration will find username but not accept password when input. Exchange Server will log failed logon events in security event log repeatedly when client opens outlook. Domain controller does not log any unsuccessful events. Users can connect mapped drives to DC but not to exchange server.


As per Microsoft tech support, The following updates must be removed from all DC servers. Below is a list of other related issues that I did not personally experience but are related to the reports they are receiving about issues caused by the updates. Removing the three updates listed below fixed the issue immediately. As soon as the server rebooted everything returned to normal.

1.     Unable to access SSL websites.
2.     Unable to RDP.
3.     Outlook authentication failures.
4.     Windows logon issues.


This is the 5th month in a row that Microsoft has released updates that immediately caused issues. They have had to be removed and rereleased after corrections made to them. I am now going to start applying updates the weekend prior to the new updates being released. I believe this will give me ample time to find documented issues. This will allow Microsoft to pull bad updates. In the future I hope that issues with Microsoft updates can be resolved. Better testing for compatibility issue need to be implemented. I have to wonder what has changed that allows so many bad updates to be released.

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