iPhone 5s

iPhone 5s

I was in line Friday morning at 8:30 AM to get the new iPhone 5s. For the first time since I got my first iPhone they actually had enough to go around and I didn’t need to order it. The purchase was easy and took about 30 minutes. I had backed up my iPhone 5 the night before in preparation of the new phone. I was able to use the new phone for calls and texts, until I got home and synced it with iTunes. Once my new phone was restored everything was there and ready to go. I didn’t activate the finger print scanner until later that night. I added 2 fingers for better accuracy and in case my thumb fingerprint doesn’t work. I am impressed so far by the accuracy of the finger print reader. I have worked with several that don’t read well. It detects the fingers scanned and not ones not in there (as it should).  The speed of the new processor is noticeably faster as compared to the iPhone 5. That is pretty much it for the new iPhone no big changes except for the finger print scanner and A7 processor. Hopefully we will get LTE here by the end of the year as the AT&T rep has suggested.


iOS 7 is so far pretty sweet in my opinion. I like the new look and feel of the icons. The speed improvement is nice as well as the quick access to the common settings. I do wish they would add airdrop to iPhones other than just the iPhone 5 and 5s. The upgrade went pretty smooth if you could get past the early issues with downloads. I anticipated them and did my update later in the evening when load was way down and had no issues. I do like the larger capacity folders, as all my game apps finally fit into a single folder. I like that the passcode keys change color with the picture changes on the lock screen. Keeps it fresh when you change the photos.

I will post more as I discover new things I like and find worth posting about.


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