Apple’s WWDC 2013

Apple’s WWDC 2013 –

Well Apple held their Developer conference this week. You can go to the link above for the official site. I am impressed with the new offerings that Apple is releasing. I am happy about the much needed changes coming in iOS 7. Here are a few quick topics and my thoughts on them.

iOS 7 – The thing I look forward to most about iOS 7 will be the potential speed increase from the cleaner interface. I am also pretty excited about the quick access to the most common settings.

OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)

I am glad the OS X 10.9 is coming out as it has some great changes to look forward to. Far to many to post here. I am pretty fond of airdrop.

Mac Book Air:

802.11 ac What? Gigabit speeds over WIFI. This is going to be great! I also like the extended battery life. But the gigabit WIFI is my favorite option.

iTunes radio:

The Pandora alternative? Well see, is all I can really say about this. Concept is good but can they deliver? Knowing Apple they can and will!

Mac pro:

Made in America now means made of plastic I guess. I do like the power of this thing as well as the style, but I prefer the aluminum cases. to me its what makes a Mac a Mac!

The 4K monitors nice, but are they necessary for most users? Maybe if you work at Pixar.



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