7 Awesome Apps You Can Use to Run Your Small Business

These days, modern technology has made it possible to run a business almost solely from a mobile device. Want to know how? Check out these seven awesome apps you can use to run your business:


FormMobi. This is a virtual clipboard that allows you to collect signatures, fill out forms, and create CAD-quality drawings while on the go. From the FormMobi interface, you can also transfer the things on your clipboard to other computers and mobile device users.

Google Drive. Google apps are number one when it comes to business email, and now Google is attempting to take over cloud storage in much the same way with Google Drive. This app allows you to easily transfer files between your mobile devices and computer, and also offers 5GB of cloud storage for free.

Evernote. As an entrepreneur, you know how important creative thinking is, and you also know what it’s like to get a brilliant idea when it seems the least opportune time for recording that idea. Are you tired of losing those ideas because you have no way to track them? If so, Evernote is an absolute must for you.

Bump. Today, it almost seems that the business card is on its way out, in favor of green (paper saving) techno options. Bump has revolutionized business networking, allowing you to transfer your business card information to another person by simply bumping your two smart phones together.


LocalVox. Online marketing is where it’s at if you want to grow your business brand, and the LocalVox app makes it simple and easy to market your business in a number of Internet channels, including social media, industry directories, newsletters, and websites. It also sets up your Google Places page for you, and optimizes all of your LocalVox marketing efforts for search engine viability.

QuoteBase. This app is a great solution for creating, sending, organizing, and storing quotes in PDF format. You can also collaborate with other members of your team through the interface, track your existing quotes and estimates, customize your quote page design by adding your own logo, and email your quotes through the interface.

Expensify. Need a great tool for tracking your business expenses? Expensfy allows you to quickly and easily store financial information about everything from mileage to new equipment. You can even scan and file away receipts from the Expensfy interface.

As you can see, there are a number of great apps that can significantly improve your efficiency in running your day to day business operations. Download these apps today and bring your business into the future.
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